benefits of learning to play a musical instrument for adults

Benefits Of Learning To Play A Musical Instrument As An Adult

It’s a new year and time to find a new hobby by rediscovering your long-lost passion for music and learning to play a musical instrument is always a great idea to kickstart the new year’s resolution for everyone.

You’ve probably heard the theory that it’s more difficult for adults to learn how to play a musical instrument than children. It’s because of this theory that many adults don’t consider taking up any kind of music lessons. This theory is completely wrong. There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument when you are older than 20 years of age. Here are some reasons why learning a musical instrument as an adult can be extremely beneficial.

5 Reasons Why Adults Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

1. Keeping your mind sharp

As we get older our brain doesn’t stretch and work as much as it used to. Learning to play a musical instrument will give your brain a much-needed workout. You will practice memorizing, critical thinking, and quick reaction. Basically, playing music engages most of your brain especially the visual, auditory, and motor cortices.

“Life without playing music is inconceivable to me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of music” – Einstein. This indicates that there’s a huge connection between musical training and academic success that works for both children and adults.

Moreover, having the discipline to start learning a new instrument will help you strengthen your planning, strategizing, and social skills. Even while listening to music, your brain is taking part in some interesting activities. So, just imagine how you can keep your mind sharp by learning how to play a musical instrument.

learning to play a musical instrument develop critical thinking for adults
learning to play a musical instrument develop social skills for adults

2. Develop your social skills

The best way to improve one’s social skills is always by meeting new people and said skill is always essential in any working industry. A music class lets you interact with others (with other students or teachers), pick up a new skill but most importantly – relax and have fun while learning.

So, if you were always dreaming to be an excellent drummer, you’ll be happy to know that there are drum lessons for adults in Singapore that are suitable for you and close to your location. Now, just sign up for one and watch yourself improve your social skills in a breeze.

3. Go for an instrument you always had an eye on

The fun part of starting music lessons as an adult is you can choose your preferred musical instrument. Being older, you most probably know yourself a lot better than a younger musical student. You know what kind of music you like and what instrument you’ve fantasized about playing. Your choice of instrument will become a reflection of your personality – embodying your creativity and character. If you fancy playing the piano but don’t know which model to choose, please check out our best selection of digital pianos in Singapore.

Can choose your favorite musical instrument
learning to play a musical instrument give a newfound purpose for adults

4. Give you a newfound purpose

Learning a new musical instrument will give you a boost in confidence once you have completely mastered it well. Having the newfound ability and skill to successfully play a musical instrument will make you feel like you’ve found a new purpose. Meeting new people at music lessons can open new opportunities for being part of a live band that performs at events or even a work-related opportunity because adult musicians come from a wide variety of backgrounds. This will build up your self-confidence even further.

5. Relaxing and fun

Research has shown that an adult playing a musical instrument and the music that they love results in positive feedback to the body and mental health from lowering blood pressure, decreasing stress levels, reducing heart rate, to a decrease in anxiety and depression.

More importantly, playing a musical instrument brings joy and smiles, especially if you play it with your friends or family, the bonding will make it stronger. You can consider it as a positive stress reliever that can be utilized every time.

learning to play a musical instrument is relax and fun for adults


It’s important to remember that just because you are an adult, doesn’t mean you have to start at an advanced music class. Taking up piano, drum, or guitar classes for beginners will give you the basics benefit. Additionally, as to what they have always said – starting with the basics will give you the tools and guidelines to become an incredible musician. Learn, enjoy and have fun!

If you are curious about what type of music lessons you can choose as an adult, feel free to reach our team by filing out the form below.

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