Guides on Choosing Electronic Drums For Children

A Parents’ Guide To Electronic Drum Sets For Children

Do you have a child that showing an interest in playing the drums or one who is experienced enough and ready to own their first ever drum kit? Congratulations because a hidden talent is about to unleash.

However, unfortunately, as a parent with no background in musical instruments and with numerous drum kits available on the market, you might be confused about which set to purchase.

In general, drums are typically known as musical instrument that produces rather loud noises. Naturally, as crafty parents looking to avoid the ear-splitting sounds that come with a standard acoustic drum kit. That’s why electronic drums have now been brought in as a new approach to drumming.

What are electronic drums?

Essentially, an electric drum set is a collection of sample pads that are set up in the same way as you would in an acoustic drum kit. The pads are designed to produce minimal acoustic sound via a sound engine and have to be plugged into a pair of headphones, speakers, or amplifiers to be heard.

What are the benefits of playing electronic drums?

Playing electronic drum sets brings a plethora of advantages to both the young drummer as well as the parents:

1. Impressive volume control

As you might’ve noticed, acoustic drums produce a primary challenge that most parents tend to avoid: extreme volume levels that cannot be adjusted. On the other hand, the drum and cymbal pads of an electronic kit create a significantly softer acoustic noise when played. This makes them ideal for low to zero-volume practice.

Since the drums are electronic, the volume can be controlled easily using the volume knob. That said, if it is still quite noisy to your liking, you can always opt for a good pair of headphones! This way, your kid can practice for longer hours without bothering the neighbors.

2. Quick access to numerous drum sounds

Depending on the model, electronic drums allow your child to explore various sounds with a touch of a button. From electronic and techno to studio-quality acoustic sounds; your child can explore and play authentic sounds across a broad spectrum of musical styles.

3. Fun features such as play-along

You might find that electronic drums usually come equipped with numerous features that aid in drum progression. For example, the ability to play along to the child’s favorite music is enough to keep them motivated to continue practicing amid the more challenging times.

benefits of playing electronic drums for kids

What are the common types of electronic drums?

Apart from the complete electronic drums, there are other versions of them that you can consider for your child:

1. Practice pads

Before electronic drums came into existence, practice pads were the alternative. They were designed for drummers to practice their drumming skills without having actual drums. It could be for various reasons, such as having no access to their drums but needing final practice before a concert. However, as its name suggests, practice pads should be used only for practice and not recording or performing purposes. While they are excellent for practicing rhythm, hand coordination, and tempo, they do not produce drum sounds.

2. Tabletop drums

If you lack the space in your home, are in search of a set that fits your budget, or simply want an option for your slightly older child who is past toy drums, then tabletop drum sets are a wise option. A cross between practice pads and actual electronic drum sets, tabletop drum kits come equipped with a layout similar to traditional drums but without the ‘legs’. While it is not as compact as a regular percussion pad, it is still considered small and can fit into tight spaces.

3. Rollup drums

Rollup drums are the ideal option for parents who want to introduce their children (toddler age) to the drums. While they are not regarded as actual musical instruments, they are suitable for toddlers to learn the basics and principles of playing the drums. However, they are usually relatively poor in terms of build and sound quality.

4. Entry-level electronic drums

Entry-level electronic drum kits are a complete set that resembles typical acoustic drums in terms of set-up, except that the drums come in electronic instruments. Out of the above options, a complete set of electronic drums is the most expensive one but still more affordable than the standard acoustic sets. Since they are a complete set, these electronic drum kits can be used not only for practicing but also for recording and performing purposes. While they come in a variety of sets and with customization potential, they tend to be heavier and less compact than the alternatives mentioned above. Check this page if you are looking to browse some recommended models of electronic drums.

common types of electronic drums


When the time comes for your child to own their first electronic drums, you just need to follow these guides and won’t be confused by the types of drum sets available for sale. There are many drum kits out there that suit children of all ages, and as parents, ensuring they have a quality first kit is the first few steps in supporting your child’s musical development. In essence, your child’s comfort level should ideally be the deciding factor – in addition to your budget.

Now that you have more or less learned all you need to know about electronic drums, it is time to let your child explore essential tips for beginner drummers before joining us at The Music Works for a lesson on how to master the drums! Other than drum lessons for kids, we also offer guitar lessons for beginners and piano lessons for kids in Singapore.

However, if you somehow still feel lost in choosing a proper electronic drum set for your kids, our team will be glad to help you. Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you soon.

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