5 Ways To Pick Up The Piano Before You Know It
5 Ways To Pick Up The Piano Before You Know It
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5 Ways To Pick Up The Piano Before You Know It

Learning to play the piano takes a lot of practice and patience.

Here’s where taking up basic piano lessons is absolutely essential in this journey. Age is not a factor – as there are piano classes for adults and kids.

These classes will help you a lot in your quest to becoming a piano expert. But it takes more than just basic piano lessons alone to master this musical instrument. Your resolve and diligence to put in the extra hours will matter as well.

That said, you can still speed up the learning process and become competent in the musical instrument within a shorter duration! Once you learn about the notes, chords and keys – you are on the right track to teaching yourself and mastering the piano.

Here are a couple of tips to help you learn the piano much quickly and efficiently!

Constant practice

The famous adage practice makes a perfect fit here.

Almost everything – sports, musical instrument, studies, up to even a hobby needs continuous practice to master.

Just ask any professional in a random field how they got to their position – they’ll all tell you the same thing; dedication and lots of practice.

Curve most of your time during the day and dedicate it to learning the piano. Do this with immense passion and determination.

First, you can listen to a few easy songs – while trying to play them on the piano. After that, you can go for the more complicated variants. This is to see if you can duplicate the rhythm and flow of the songs.

At the least, you will need three days of practice every week. Being a pro in the piano requires time and plenty of preparation. It will not happen overnight – but with constant practice – it can take a shorter time.

Nurture precision

You can gain an edge over other pianists through accuracy and precision.

It is not just about sounding decent but rather, sounding professional. Precision takes a bit of time but can improve drastically based on what you learn in the beginning.

In other words, that makes the introductory classes mandatory and, in fact – essential. Let your piano instructor take charge during the keyboard piano lessons and help pinpoint your mistakes and correct them.

That way, you’re one step closer to executing precision while playing!

Work on your finger technique

Now, you’ve understood the importance of precision – what’s up next is all about time and focus.

How you use your fingers matter so much. You need to understand which fingers to play with specific keys.

For instance, a piano piece may feature certain themes or motifs, which keeps repeating during the entire piece. That’s when finger play comes to good use.

With the correct fingering – it’ll be much easier to approach the notes. It helps to make sure that long passages of notes are played with the same power, feeling, and speed. One excellent practice for beginners is where a finger is placed on a note (C, D, E, F, G) and you listen attentively to the result.

It’s a great way to train for stronger hand muscles to play the piano much smoothly.

Use humming to your advantage

As silly as it sounds – humming can and will help you master the piano faster.

And put in another way, it’s a type of practice which you can do just about anytime – even in the bathroom as you’re taking a hot bath.

It aids in the internalisation of the song, which assists you by helping to repeat it on the piano quickly.

Note the underlying patterns and keys

You don’t just have to master the musical instrument alone – but it’s all about perfecting the patterns and keys too!

When you are able to identify the patterns quickly – everything will start to come together nicely.

You could start by listening to a song piece first – then pick up the page and read the patterns as the piece is playing. Slowly, you move on to identify the specific patterns – such as rhythm patterns and tonal patterns.

Surely, you’ve managed to learn a thing or two throughout this piece. We certainly hope that you did so you can make the learning process much quicker! Or if you have a little one who always grins like a Chesire cat when a piano piece is playing – letting them take part in the piano lessons for toddlers may boost their piano learning ability.

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